Prograde VGF 25+ Multivitamins

Made from 25 Real Veggies, Fruits, & Greens …
These Vitamins are Nutrient Packed, Easy to Swallow, & Won’t Upset Your Stomach

Prograde VGF 25+ Whole Food Multivitamins

If you’re having a hard time getting enough fruits & vegetables in your meals each day or if you just straight up don’t like eating them, VGF 25+ may be just what you’re looking for.

Made from 25 REAL fruits, veggies, and greens (not some chemistry lab) … Prograde VGF 25+ is a multi vitamin / mineral / nutrient supplement packed with natural nutrients your body craves everyday.

It comes in both Men’s or Women’s formulas and is one of Prograde’s most popular supplements you should try.

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When I started taking a multi-vitamins a few years ago, I used the cheapies from the store. They looked decent, said you only had to take one a day, and seemed fine at first. But then they started giving me some stomach problems and I decided I wasn’t going to take them anymore.  Blech!

The problem I found is that most of those cheap off the shelf multivitamins aren’t even worth taking, since so many of them are made from man-made ingredients and other questionable materials. Not natural … not good.

I decided I wasn’t going to take them again until I found one that was natural (made from real, whole foods) and safe. That’s exactly what I got with Prograde VGF 25 + whole food vitamins.

What’s wrong with regular, cheap Multi Vitamins?

A blaze of neon yellow ... not something you want to come out of your body!

> Many off the shelf multivitamins have synthetic ingredients – so, “fake nutrients” …really ???

> My body flushed those fake vitamins out of my body in bright, scary detail … Disturbing!

> Our bodies crave REAL nutrients from REAL food. Prograde VGF 25+ has them.

Try Prograde VGF 25+ to get those REAL nutrients

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One of the biggest problems with cheap, off-the-shelf vitamins is that many of them are made from synthetic, man-made ingredients.

The whole idea of taking a multi vitamin/mineral/nutrient supplement is that it may help fill in the gaps when you don’t eat enough variety of food to get all the required nutrients your body needs each day.

So doesn’t it seem weird when we try filling those gaps with fake “science lab” ingredients?

From first hand experience, I can tell you that my body didn’t do so well to cheap, synthetic vitamins.

This is kinda gross and a little exaggerated, but see that neon yellow “light saber” looking thing in the picture above?  That’s kind of what my urine looked like when my body flushed out the “fakes”.  I was shocked… and a little disturbed.

So disturbed that I quit taking any vitamins at all until I found something better….preferable something from real, whole foods.

Our bodies crave REAL nutrients … and it wants them naturally from real foods. And that’s exactly what Prograde VGF 25+ provides.  Vitamins, minerals, and nutrients from REAL food.

Why are Prograde VGF 25 + whole food vitamins so special?

Prograde VGF 25 + Whole Food Vitamins are like eating a tons of veggies, greens, & fruits
> To get enough vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients each day … we need to get them from a variety real foods

> Prograde VGF 25+ is made from 25 different real veggies, greens, and fruits

> It contains all the nutrients real foods have inside, which may help you if you don’t eat a large variety of foods each day

Get a garden of nutrients with Prograde VGF 25+

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Why is it called VGF 25+?  Because it’s made from 25+ Vegetables, Greens, and Fruits!

Pretty cool huh? It’s actually made from 25 different real foods … no fake laboratory ingredients.

Here’s a a few of the real foods found inside:

+ greens (like spinach & kale)
+ broccoli
+ carrots
+ onions
+ strawberries
+ avacado  … etc, etc

Sounds like a really good salad … yum!

I like to think of it as eating a full garden of nutrients everyday without all the chewing. And that’s why it’s considered a “Multi-Nutrient” and not just a multivitamin.

Not only does it have vitamins and minerals inside, but it’s also pakced with all the enzymes, phytonutrients, essential fatty acids, and amino acids from the real foods inside.

How many cheap, off the shelf vitamins can say that?   Not many at all (if any) … right?

And because it’s got all those real nutrients in it … they may be a great way to get them if you have a hard time eating enough fruits and veggies everyday (or even hate eating them). Awesome.

What makes Prograde VGF 25+ worth taking?

A daily serving of Prograde VGF 25 + whole food vitamins
> 3 small tablets a day is all it takes to get a daily dose of nutrients inside 25 different REAL foods

> The tablets have a nice smooth finish, and they’re easy to swallow with no bad aftertaste

> They come in a men’s and women’s formula designed to target each body type

Get plenty of natural nutrients every day with VGF 25+

Try VGF 25 for Men Here  ………………..  Try VGF 25 for Women Here

One thing I’ve never really liked about most multivitamins is that when they’re pressed into the tablet shape, they get sharp corners all around them.

So they tend to hurt the back of your throat when you’re trying to swallow them (and they start to dissolve in your mouth as you’re trying to position them “just right” so they’ll go down).

I found that these Prograde vitamins have a pretty smooth finish with rounded corners, so they’re easy to swallow and don’t taste bad or start dissolving in your mouth right away.

I just pop 3 of them in the morning easy — no drama involved.

The men’s formula is designed to help boost fat burning, protect the prostate & heart, and even help your digestive system.

The women’s formula may help your hair & nails grow healthy, smooth out your skin… as well as boost fat burning, balance hormones, and increase your energy, moods, & sleep quality. Not bad huh?

So what do I really think about Prograde VGF 25+?

Prograde VGF 25 +Whole Food Vitamins Bottle

Alright…. so here’s the thing.

As a proud Prograde partner, I’m not ashamed to place VGF 25+ among their top 3 supplements. It’s more than a “multivitamin”  …it’s a powerful source of nutrients that come from REAL foods.

Sure, it does cost more than the cheap, synthetic vitamins you see at the stores. But compared to the few powerful, whole food multi vitamins out there … VGF 25+ is actually priced on the low end.

(I recently found one that was $129/bottle… ouch!)

Add in the benefits all the nutrients may give you, the ease of taking them, the quality & variety of real foods used to make it, (& not flushing your money away in a neon stream of fake vitamins) … Prograde VGF 25+ is well worth trying out.

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