Prograde’s Most Popular Supplements

Are you new to Prograde and not sure where to start or what to try?

I’ve kept an eye on what everyone’s been trying and reordering for the last couple of years,
and the 4 supplements below have proven to be the most popular with everyone.


Prograde Nutrition EFA Icon Krill Oil

Prograde EFA Icon is Omega 3 oil capsules made from a potent, high quality NKO Krill Oil. It’s smaller & easier to swallow and absorbs into your body much faster than regular fish oil (no fish burps!) It’s like a turbo charged version of regular fish oil.

Doctors and fitness pros recommend Omega 3s so much because they may help you boost fat burning, relieve achy joints, improve cholesterol, and reduce inflammation

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Prograde Nutrition Whey Protein Powder Naturally Sweetened with Stevia

Prograde Protein is a super pure, whey protein powder that’s naturally sweetened with Stevia. If you hate the lumpy texture and unnaturally sweet, “diet” taste of regular protein powders… then this one’s for you.

Try a scoop of it with a little water and ice to get it fast, or blend in some frozen fruit for a tasty meal on the go. It mixes easily with a spoon or shaker and comes in both vanilla & chocolate flavors.

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Prograde Nutrition Metabo 223X Natural Metabolism Booster & Calorie Burner

Prograde Metabo 223x is a safe, natural, metabolism boosting / calorie burning supplement made from real food ingredients like Caffeine, Capsaicin (from Red Peppers), Raspberry Ketone, Ginger, Garlic, & more.

It was put through a clinical study and was shown to produce 8x’s more belly fat loss in those who used it vs. those who didn’t! Those kinds of results have helped make it one of Prograde’s most popular supplements these days.

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Prograde Nutrition VGF 25+ Whole Food Vitamins

Prograde VGF 25+ is a Multivitamin / Nutrient made from 25 real veggies, fruits, & greens. Taking it daily may help give you: a fat burning boost, healthier hair & nails, increased energy, better sleep, heart protection, & more.

It’s made from REAL foods (and not a chemistry lab like the cheap vitamins at the big box store) and comes in both men’s & women’s formulas, so your body may actually absorb and use the nutrients more efficiently like it’s supposed to.

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