Prograde EFA Icon – Omega 3 Krill Oil

2 Tiny Capsules are Easier to Swallow and More Potent than
Regular Fish Oil … Plus No Nasty Fish Burps!

Prograde EFA Icon Krill Oil

Here’s how to get the fat loss boosting, achy joint soothing, mood enhancing benefits of Omega 3 fats in your diet without eating tons of fish every week or swallowing a handful of fish oil capsules everyday.

Prograde EFA Icon krill oil may pack all that plus the youthful power of antioxidants in just 2 tiny gel capsules a day…. without any gross “fish burps”.

It’s Prograde’s most popular & recommended product that you should really check out.

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Why Regular Fish Oil Capsules Just Don’t Cut It

Handful of Regular Fish Oil Caps I Used to Take Everyday
> I was taking a handful of regular fish oil capsules like this daily … sometimes even more

> They were big and hard to swallow sometimes

> It was annoying to carry them around with me and try to remember to take them all day


Get a dose of Omega 3’s easier with Prograde EFA Icon

Here’s the thing, normal everyday fish oil capsules are pretty big, and it feels weird when you have to swallow a few of them several times a day.

It was annoying carrying them around with me, trying to remember to always take them when I ate … and, they sometimes had a weird “texture” to them that made them stick to my tongue & throat.

A real pain in the neck in more ways than one, if you know what I mean.

Also, your body doesn’t “soak up” regular fish oil very quickly to use in your body…so sometimes it comes  back up in the form of those nasty “Fish Burps”.    Gross !

Plus, you just don’t know how long the fish oil caps have been sitting in a warehouse there’s a chance they could be spoiled by the time you get them.

Krill Oil doesn’t really have those problems.

Krill Oil Kicks Regular Fish Oil’s Butt!

2 EFA Icon Krill Oil capsules are only the size of a penny
> A daily serving size of just 2 Krill Oil Capsules is not much larger than a penny

> Krill Oil is absorbed & used by our bodies quicker & easier, which means smaller amounts are needed

> Krill Oil contains up to around 47 times more protective antioxidants than ordinary Fish Oil


EFA Icon Krill Oil packs a lot of power in a tiny capsule!

After getting some Krill Oil… I realized that it made up for all the shortcomings I had with regular fish oil capsules.

What first grabbed me about the Krill Oil capsules was just how small they really were.

Like I’ve mentioned elsewhere on this site, I’m not exactly the world’s best “pill taker”…but these pills are no big deal at all to take. They’re smooth and they have a mild vanilla flavor so they go down easy without tasting bad.

Just 2 tiny gels (together the size of just one fish oil capsule) is all you need to take each day…. and your body actually gets more “umph” out of them.

It’s kind of like turbocharged Fish Oil!  The way it’s made up is very similar to the way our body cells are made up… so it gets absorbed by our bodies quickly.

You’d have to take a whole lot more fish oil capsules each day to get even close to the same amount of power inside the Krill Oil.

And not only that, but Krill Oil contains around 47 times more antioxidants than any ordinary fish oil. This makes it a powerful force in your body…and also allows it to last a lot longer in its container before it spoils.

You also need to be careful that you are getting a “good” krill oil brand that originates from the Neptune Technologies company.  The bottle will have a little “NKO” symbol on the label (and yes, Prograde EFA Icon krill oil has that little symbol on the bottle, because it’s the real stuff.)

So what does Prograde EFA Icon Krill Oil do for you?

Well, it has health properties in it that may:

– knock back and help prevent colds
– calm down inflammation in your body (achy joints and muscle pain)
– have an amazing effect of keeping you headache free & balances out moods (no more moodiness!)
– give you more energy, boosts sex drive, & helps you keep a positive attitude
– and even help prevent sun damage to your skin… while also clearing it up

Pretty awesome, right?  ….. That’s the power of Krill Oil!

You can check out EFA Icon HERE and see for yourself.

Are there any downsides to Krill Oil?

Prograde EFA Icon Krill Oil bottle

Really, the only “downside” I can possibly see with Prograde EFA Icon is that it costs more than regular fish oil. But like they say, you really do get what you pay for.

And if you want to get down to the nuts and bolts of it… it’s actually a bit cheaper based on bang for your buck. You’d have to take quite a few more fish oil caps per day to even start to come close.

I prefer the simplicity of paying a little more, taking 2 little gels in the morning, get big benefits from it, and go on with my day without worrying about popping more capsules everytime I eat and hoping my breath isn’t fishy when I’m talking to others.

As a proud Prograde partner, I wanted to let you know that right now, you can save a good chunk off the price of EFA Icon if you try out the free autoshipping option. The cool thing about that is not only do you save money, but you don’t have to remember when to reorder it every single month. That makes it so much simpler and cheaper!

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