6 Easy Ways to Save Money & Get Prograde
Nutrition Supplements with Big Discounts


I’m sure you’ve probably seen by now…

…that Prograde’s supplements are not the cheapest ones around and yes, there’s a ton of cheaper brands sitting around on the big box store shelves that seem decent enough to be tempted to try.

But I bet you’re like me and you know there’s a good reason why Prograde costs more … and you actually don’t mind too much because you know it’s worth it.

Their quality is top of the line and they’re selling legit products that work … not “hyped” up junk with cheesy magazine ads…  and they actually care about us and don’t just wanna take our money & run.

But… you know what? No matter how good their supplements may be … we want to save money! … am I right?   I like to get deals like anyone else and keep some cash in my pocket, so I wanted to share some of the best ways I know how to save money on Prograde products.


1. Use Coupon Codes

Prograde Nutrition Supplements Coupon Code

From time to time, Prograde has sales using coupon codes for instant savings. I’ve seen them range from 10-15% off all products up to even 25% off new products when they’re released. And sometimes they even have quick 1 or 2 day “fun” sales for special holidays, birthdays, etc.

But … how to do you know when they’re running a sale or have a new coupon code out there?

Well, I created a Prograde Coupon Code page for this exact reason. I list the newest codes when they come out and even give a little blurb about how to best use them.


2. Check Out The FREE Smart Shipping Option

Prograde Nutrition Smart Ship Free Shipping

Maybe you’ve seen that Prograde has a FREE Smart Shipping option with most of their products. So, how does it work and how can it save you money?

Well, when you try a product with free Smart Shipping, you’ll be able to have it shipped to you automatically every 30 days until you decide to cancel. You only have to order once, and then it’s set and forget until you want to stop, so you don’t have to remember to reorder … plus it’s cheaper.

(And no, you’re not locked into some sketchy “gotta stick with us for XX number of months” kinda deal… you can stop whenever you want… or even hold it back if you’re on vacation or whatever.)

So… not only do you save money by getting free shipping (I paid around $12 shipping the first time I ordered a few of their supplements) … but it also comes with instant savings … usually around $10 off each product. Instant savings and Free shipping is a pretty nice deal in my book!

  >>   Here’s a cool tip to use this to your advantage.

Use their free Smart Shipping option to try out a product for the lowest price and see if you like it. Hey, if you love it… just keep it going …. and if you don’t… just go back into your account and cancel before the next order gets shipped out.  And you can also use a VIP membership to save an additional 5% on anything SmartShipped, meaning you get everything cheaper than anyone else.

And don’t feel like you’re cheating them out of money or whatever. They’re cool with you giving it a try, because you get to “test drive” them out at a great price … and they get to prove themselves to you. I bet you’ll become a loyal customer like I have.


3. Become a Prograde VIP Member

Prograde Nutrition VIP Membership

The Prograde VIP Membership lets you instantly save an ongoing 5% on every single order you place. This means it’s not just a one time use coupon code … you get to knock 5% off every single purchase (even on TOP of the reduced prices for SmartShipping,  Combo Packs, and Sales).

By being a Prograde VIP Member, you will get everything cheaper than anyone else every single time you purchase … plus you’ll get montly coaching, free meal plans, a temptation fighting report, and a bunch of other cool bonuses and opportunities.

See all the cool benefits, bonuses, and freebies you’ll get as a VIP Member HERE.


4. Buy in Bulk

Buy Prograde Supplements in Bulk to Save More

If you think you’re probably gonna use one of their supplements for a while, why not buy it with one of their “bulk” price deals?

Basically, instead of getting one bottle … you can get 2 or 3 bottles for even less per bottle … or you can grab one of their 6 bottle deals to save even more money per bottle PLUS get Free shipping. Now, it won’t be Smart Shipped, so you’ll need to remember to order again later … but it does allow you to save the most money possible.

Want to save even more?

Grab one of the bulk deals AND use a coupon codes, plus use your Prograde VIP membership on your order to save a ton!


5. Get Combo Packs

Prograde Nutrition Combo Packs

If you don’t know, Prograde put together several different Combo Packs that include a variety of related products for different needs depending on what you’re looking for.

They range from the basic Health + package that includes their Omega3 caps and MultiVitamins…

…all the way up to their bigger Super Hero package (yeah, cheesy name) that includes their Omega3 caps, MultiVitamins, AntiOxidants, Meal Replacement shake mix, and Post Workout Recovery drink.

(And yes, they have combos for everything in between as well)

These Combo Packs work similar to their free Smart Shipping deals in that each product is marked down lower than the single bottle prices plus they come with FREE automatic shipping. You can also get an additional 5% off by becoming a Prograde VIP as well.

For instance, the basic “Health+” package saves $19.95 … the “Super Hero” package saves $66!  It’s like you’re getting FREE products every month… which is pretty cool if you ask me.


6. Match Supplements to Your Goals

Match Prograde Nutrition Supplements to Your Goals

This is something maybe not a lot of other Prograde partners will tell you since they could lose a lot of commissions … but you really don’t NEED to use or even try out every supplement Prograde has available. Get only what will really help.

Here’s what I mean… if you’re just trying to lose some extra flab, many of their products aren’t needed at all (some are nice “extras” and a few of them are overkill in my opinion).  But at the same time, there’s a few basics that nearly anyone, in any shape, really should be trying to use everyday.

What are the basics I’m talking about?

I recommend the MultiVitamins (VGF 25+) … the Omega3 capsules (EFA Icon) … the AntiOxidant capsules (Longevity) … and the digestive health supplement (Probiotics) if losing weight and getting really healthy is your goal. You could also try a chocolate or vanilla flavored protein shake (Protein) if you want a quick meal option or a base for creamy, dessert recipes.

And if you want a little more nutrient “umph” than just a protein shake for a meal, you can check out the Meal Replacement drink (Lean), which comes in both chocolate & coffee flavors.

What are the nice “extras” to maybe try out?

A big craze these days is “sports specific” training and supplements used on regular folks that just want to lose some fat. To me, that’s overkill …. kind of like getting talked into a $700 full-on makeover when you really just wanted a $29 haircut.

If you’re an athlete, (PR7 Energy Shot drinks) may help boost your energy for a more intense workout, while the (BCAAs) and (Pre & Post Workout Recovery drink) can be a cool addition to help your body recover after workouts, but they may be just a bit much for regular fitness folks that are not looking for peak performance

Prograde also has a powerful, natural metabolism boosting, calorie burner (Metabo 223x) that a lot of people are going crazy for.  But before you grab a bottle, keep in mind that it’s designed for people that feel they need an upper hand boost after they’ve already got their diet & exercise dialed in. Know this before you try it out… it’s not going to magically do the fat-burning work on it’s own.

You can also try the protein-infused sports drink (Fusion) if you’re not really hungry for a full meal, but need a little “pick me up” during the day. And if you’re a guy & feel like you’re losing your “mojo”, the natural testosterone booster (K20) may help you out.

Basically, what I’m saying is that if you’re just trying to shed some weight & get healthy … you don’t have to try everything out.  Like I said earlier, following a simple diet and maybe trying some of the basics is all that most people would want to get super healthy and have a killer body. But the extras are a nice upgrade if you feel the need to try them out.


Hey, these are my opinions and maybe you think differently. And that’s totally fine.

I just wanted to bring up the idea of knowing which supplements match your goals, so you don’t go out spending all your money on ones that may not be necessary. I want to help you get good results, not burnt out, broke, & frustrated!

-Kevin, Proud Prograde Partner