Prograde’s New “Detox Your Fat”
Weight Loss Transformation Program Review

This 60 Day, Permanent, Cravings-Free, Body Transformation Program Shows You:


Detox Your Fat Review

> How to eat to rebalance fat loss hormones

> How to add easy activities to boost fat loss

> How to sleep & take naps to boost extra energy and knock back junk food cravings

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I was SO excited when I opened my email up and found this little gem!

I saw that Dr. Mike Rousell’s new Detox Your Fat weight loss / body transformation program was finally available through Prograde’s site.

There’s actually a video you can check out that explains how you can detox your fat for permanent weight loss without having to starve it away with dieting & hard exercising.

Not only does it show you some cutting edge body transformation techniques, but it’s also funny & entertaining too. As a Prograde pro, I recommend checking it out for yourself.

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Detox Your Fat shows you how it’s impossible to “lose” fat by dieting… but how you may permanently transform your body to a lean physique by rebalancing the hormones in your body.

Without rebalancing the hormones in your body, you end up just yo-yo dieting… and usually end up fatter than before with even less energy. Been there, done that … it ain’t pretty.

Once your hormones are in balance, weight loss can happen with much less effort than tradtional dieting & exercising.

You don’t have to spend hours on the treadmill sweating like crazy or trying to “starve” the fat away

The 3 simple steps to balance hormones
for faster, cravings-free, fat loss.

Detox Your Fat Loss Transformation Program Review

See all 3 steps in the Video HERE

Step 1:  Detox Your Plate

The first step shows you a simple way to eat that avoids hitting the “starvation mode” button in your brain. Traditional calorie cutting diets do this all the time, and that’s why they keep backfiring on you.

You’ll know which foods to eat to rebalance your hormones so weight loss can happen naturally. And to make this easier, Dr. Mike set you up with 84 meal plans, so you have TONS of options.

Step 2: Detox Your Waistline

The second step shows you how to add in some O.B.A. “off your butt activities” to tap into the power of “N.E.A.T.” (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis)

N.E.A.T. is basically fat & calorie burning through everyday activities that aren’t traditional, structured exercise. Easy things like shoveling snow, doing dishes, walking up stairs, standing more often, etc.

Dr. Mike shows you how to use these simple activities along with some simple exercise routines to add up to a bunch of extra calories burned each day without putting in hours and hours like most people do in the gym.

Step 3: Detox Your Sleep

The third step shows you how to sleep & take power naps to reset your metabolism to boost calorie burning & hormone levels.

It’s weird to think that sleeping & napping more will increase energy & make losing fat easier, but Dr. Mike shows you how all this is possible. I can’t think of any other diet program I’ve seen that shows you how to sleep better and recommends napping more.

That’s one of the coolest weight loss techniques I’ve seen in a while.

Can you imagine how much better you’ll feel each day when you start getting a good night’s sleep?

When you combine all three of these steps for 60s days or so, your body will be back in tune and returning to the lean physique that it naturally always wanted to be … without extreme effort.

So if this sounds like a simple to follow program you’ve been looking for that’s unlike any other out there today, then check out the Detox Your Fat body transformation program video by clicking the yellow button below.

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