Prograde Branched Chain
Amino Acid Supplements

BCAAS Capsules May Help Protect Muscle, Boost
Workout Recovery,
& Help You Burn Inner Belly Fat!

Prograde BCAA Capsules

If you’re working hard to build muscle, so you can look awesome & keep your metabolism stoked to burn fat… you don’t want to lose it, right?

That’s where amino acids may help. Prograde BCAA capsules are easy to swallow and may quickly rush amino acids to your muscles for protection, faster recovery, more energy, & deep belly fat burning.

They’re popular with everyone that’s doing a serious transformation program & eating lower calories.

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When Prograde came out with these new BCAA capsules, I had a little bit of an idea of what BCAAs were… but I just kinda waited a while to check them out. I wasn’t sure what to think.

I did some research and picked up a bottle myself to check them out. Turns out, Branched Chain Amino Acids may be one of the coolest supplements for you to try out. This is especially true if you want to preserve the muscle you’ve been working so hard to build and even burn off some of the internal belly fat that sits around your organs ( …which can be pretty harmful & nasty stuff).

A lot of info about BCAAs is kinda science heavy & nerdy … so how about I explain what they are and what they do in the least “health nerd” way I can. Sound cool?

Ok, first off …what are BCAA supplements?

Prograde BCAA supplements provide more

> BCAA supplements are a quick way to get the 3 most common building blocks of muscle

> Your body can’t make BCAAs, so it has to get them from protein (slowly) or supplements (faster)

> BCAAs build & protect muscle & can be used for energy when your calories are low while dieting

Get a quick, potent dose with Prograde BCAAs

BCAA supplements come in either a powder you mix in water & chug down or in an easy to swallow capsule form that contain the three most common branched chain amino acids (which are leucine, isoleucine, & valine).

Ok, ok… I said no nerdy stuff…

Basically amino acids are the building blocks of protein. Sorta like Legos & bricks.

There’s 2 types of amino acids: essential and non-essential …both are needed, but essential amino acids are called that, because our body can’t make them up on its own.

You eat protein, so that it can be broken down in our bodies into these amino acids.

The BCAAs just happen to be used by muscle pretty easily & quickly for growth (or burned for energy). That’s why they’re pretty awesome to use as a supplement.

Here’s what Prograde BCAA capsules may do for you:

Prograde Nutrition BCAA capsules
> BCAA capsules rush amino acids to your muscles, which may help you go longer & harder during your workouts for better results

> They may help reduce your post workout soreness, protect your hard earned muscles, & boost your workout recovery

> Get the benefits of more protein without taking in the extra calories while dieting & burn internal belly fat

Try out Prograde BCAA capsules & reap the rewards

If you’re exercising, no matter if you’re trying to build more muscle & get jacked, or you’re just trying to lose weight… your body is going to need amino acids for repair and recovery.

It’s going to get them from the protein you eat (which will take several hours to break down & use) … or it can get them quickly from bcaa supplements within minutes.

The sooner (& easier) it gets them… the harder & longer you can workout and the sooner your body can recover. Basically, you may not run out of steam as quick & the postworkout soreness you’ve been feeling may be reduced quite a bit.

And if you’re dieting (no matter if it’s to get jacked for a competition / gameday … or just to lose the pudge) … BCAAs can be used to build & protect your muscles from being wasted away for energy.

On top of that, you won’t have to take in the extra calories that more protein would cost to get the same amount of amino acids in these capsules (~ roughly 5 protein scoops vs. a few capsules).

Plus, amino acid supplements have been shown to burn more internal belly fat (the dangerous stuff) that sits between all your organs. Cool, huh?

So … are Prograde BCAAs right for you?

Prograde BCAA Capsules Bottle

Here’s one way to look at it … these BCAA capsules are a pretty simple, easy, & tasteless way to get in these vital amino acids. To me, downing a few of these capsules sure beats sipping a neon colored, fake fruity, “kool-aid” style BCAA drink like many of the powders out there.

So, if you’re an athlete working hard to build muscle & don’t want to lose it … or you’re a bodybuilder or competitor … I’m sure you see that BCAAs are a no-brainer. They’re awesome for cutting phases. Try them!

If you’re more of an average fitness fan and basically just want to do what it takes to look good naked … then you might want to check them out if you’re want optimal results and have extra supplement money to spend.

Now if you’re just trying to shed the spare tire & hips but aren’t all tied up into fitness… well, as a Prograde partner, I’d say that you really don’t need these BCAAs to get there. They’re a great way to preserve muscle with the low calories… but not necessary. The basics would probably be best (multivitamins, Omega 3s, antioxidants, protein) and you could try BCAAs later when you want to lazer in your result

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